Favourite places

By Sarah Wheatley

This exhibition is inspired by places that artist Sarah Wheatley has a personal connection with. From evenings spent in London’s lidos whilst living in South London, to memories of a minibreak in Florence with friends. The paintings include family holidays, Sunday walks in St Ives with her husband, and time spent at home in St Neots. All of these paintings bring back fond memories of people and places that have had an impact on Sarah.

About the artist

I’ve never been very good at sticking to hobbies; over the years I’ve tried loads of them, including a brief spell at a potter’s wheel, to knitting, creative writing, interior design and even astronomy. The only one I’ve ever come back to time after time is painting.

I studied art through to A level and was lucky to have a brilliant teacher who gave everyone free reign to develop their own style, even letting us drink coffee and listen to the radio in the classroom which at the time felt pretty grown up! Painting and learning about art history have been passions of mine ever since.

As you can probably see, I’m quite a messy painter and like to use acrylics to build strong colours and textures. I also love working on massive canvases which tend to work well with my expressive style of painting.