Private Sidney Medlock, Bedfordshire Regiment

Allow me a small space in your paper just to let the boys know I am still in the land of the living. I have been away from the Regt, and while I was away “Fritz” cut up rough (as we put it) and blew some mines up, and some of the Germans came over and brought their tools with them as if they came to stop, but they soon found out that their trenches were the safest and beat a hasty retreat. Of course “Fritz”’ got his artillery into action, and a new sort of trench bomb somewhat bigger than before, three feet long, one foot across, and 210 pounds, shaking the ground like an earthquake. What would a few conscientious objectors think to having them dropping behind their heels? I think most of them are afraid they would get “trench fever.” Corpl. Bellamy is right. He is reading a bit about the naval battle. Wishing you and your paper the best of luck.