Private Alex Proudlock

Being constant reader of your valuable paper, I thought you would like to know how one of the boys of the old town is getting on. I am writing this under the doubtful shelter although mansion, somewhere in France, but we’re thankful to be under any kind of shelter here, as the weather at present has a decidedly Blighty touch about it. At present our Company has been very lucky in escaping the Jack Johnsons, etc, whereas some of our other boys have had it rather the hot just lately. We don’t know whether to be amused or disgusted at some of the so-called reasons of the “ hope to be exempted” who appear before the Tribunals. They must be apologies for Britishers, perhaps they have not finished teething yet and are afraid to tackle bully and biscuits! If they were to appeal to the chaps out here they would get a warm reception. Wishing your paper every success that it deserves.