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Emperor Probus (AD 276-282) Roman coin, recovered an excavation in Dorchester. Wessex Archaeology.

St Neots Museum interiors by Maciek Platek

Lacemaker, dressed in costume from 1830s by TimeLight Photographic

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St Neots High Street decorated for the Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 1897. Cambridgeshire Community Archive.


Edwardian jail cells.

Benedictine priory.

A game of street football in 1889. BBC

Paines Brewery in St Neots Market Square, 1900. Cambridgeshire Community Archive.

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St Neots Quads. Daily Mirror.


River Terrace at St Neots on a postcard, 1907. Cambridgeshire Community Archive.


Map of Huntingdonshire, 1673. Forests and Chases of England and Wales, c. 1000 to c. 1850: An Inventory of Early Maps and Plans.


New Street, 1910

Biodiversity project

Paxton Pits by Steve Williams

Blue Tit by Steve Williams

Robin by Alan Shearman

Squirrel by Mrs Airwolfhound

Mute Swan by Will George

Eristalinus Sepulchralis by Will George