Meet the Romans

14 September 2019

11am to 4pm

St Neots Museum


Find out about the Romans and everyday life in and around St Neots, Eynesbury and Eaton Socon. Meet the soldiers from the Longthorpe Ninth Legion, with camp followers and administrators. From weapons and shields to food, cooking, medicine and religion our visiting experts will reveal life 2,000 years ago in our area. The Ninth Legion took part in Emperor Claudius’s invasion of Britain in AD43 and were then based at Longthorpe, Peterborough in the early years of Roman rule. They helped the Roman empire maintain its grip on Britain although the Roman army suffered a serious defeat during Boudicca’s rebellion of AD61. The late Iron Age Kimbolton coin hoard will also be on display for the day. Entry for adults is £2 and children go free.

Who can you meet at the event?

A 1st Century Roman legionary soldier of the 9th Legion. who will have some map boards and will be talking about the history of the ninth, what they did around the local area and talking generally about the Roman military, the invasion of Britain, the reasons behind it and how life changes after AD 43. I have a selection of (blunt) swords through the period (AD 43 – 400, that people can handle safely.

We will have child-sized armour and helmets that children can wear along with either a real or wooden sword and shield.

A Medicus Ordinarius attached to a cohort of the ninth legion showing and talking to people about medicines and surgery in the period – in equal parts fascinating and horrifying!

Andra a freed slave who is now an accomplished artist of the Roman style showing people the various artists pigments and demonstrating techniques for creating paintings.

A Roman citizen will be talking about Roman religion and showing people some genuine votive offerings, which were objects offered to the gods.

A Roman woman who will be showing people cosmetics and make-up that would have been used in the period.