Jailbreak 1 revisited

12 October 2019 - 4 November 2019


St Neots Museum


This Autumn we are re-running the first series of Jailbreak, which was set in 1898 and ran at St Neots Museum between April and July 2018. These repeats are being offered for people who were unable to book sessions during spring 2018, or who have only recently become followers of Jailbreak. If you have done the Jailbreak challenge before you are of course welcome to repeat it, but please be aware that whilst some of the clues have been tweaked, the essence of the challenge is the same.

‘Jailbreak 1 revisited’ is a limited season, and will be running on Saturday 12, Sunday 13, Friday 18, Saturday 19, Sunday 20 October and Saturday 2, Sunday 3 and Monday 4 November.

If you would like to play Jailbreak 2, sessions for this are being held on various dates between 15 November and 8 December, and there is a separate page for booking these.

The challenge

It is the 2 June 1898. Earlier today, St Neots was celebrating the public hanging of Walter Horsford, who was recently found guilty of the murder of his cousin Annie Holmes.

You – his friends – were angry at what you feel to be an unfair verdict and went out to console yourselves after witnessing the dramatic hanging in Cambridge. Unfortunately, you got into a brawl outside the Cross Keys and – following complaints from local residents – have been arrested and brought to St Neots Police Station cells. You now stand accused of being ‘drunk and disorderly’ and ‘creating a public disturbance’.

You will be transferred to Huntingdon Assizes in the morning to face formal charges, and your prospects for the coming hours are a night in a cold, miserable, cramped cell.

You are determined to try and escape! There are some people who are sympathetic to your cause and may have left information, clues and items around the building that will help you to escape, but do you have the skills to effect a Jail Break?