Entries by Liz Davies

Wintringham Park archaeological survey

In November the museum curator was lucky enough to be part of a group that visited the archaeological dig going on opposite Loves Farm in preparation for the Wintringham Farm housing development. Many thanks to Don Hill from the St Neots Local History Society for organising the visit and Project Manager Tom Phillips andProject Officer Pat Moan, both […]

Ann Izzard – the witch of St Neots

The laws against the crime of witchcraft were repealed in 1736 but, in the absence of legal redress, communities periodically took to enacting mob vengeance against suspected witches. In 1808 several young women in the village of Great Paxton in Cambridgeshire began to suffer from fits and depression – all signs of evil at work. […]

The Priory of St Neots

The foundation of the priory of St Neots is so involved in legend that it is almost impossible to separate what is true in it from what is merely the work of imagination. It may be that there was a monastery founded in this place before the period of Danish invasions in the 9th century; […]

The Eaton Socon Cage

Eaton Socon’s unique village Cage or lock-up is positioned just off the Great North Road in the centre of the old village near the church. Visitors to this suburb of the present town of St Neots often wonder why the original village needed one and what it was used for. Today the village of Eaton […]