Entries by Liz Davies

A F Rowlett, HMS Spitfire

I am quite well and still going strong. Don’t I just wish I was at St Neots, but one thing at a time, must finish the Germans off first, then for a good time. I guess the old place must look quite lost with all the Boys at the front. Thanks awfully for cigarettes they […]

Gunner H Marshall Waresley R.G.A

I am pleased to tell you that the weather is better now, it is not cold here at present, and I do hope the worst is over now.  Most of our horses have gone through the winter well, though the work is very anxious and trying for them, but they are now hardy and fit. […]

H Harrison, Royal Engineers, St Neots

We saw the big attack our troops made on Feb 6th from a hill about 3 miles away. It was a sight to see the shrapnel bursting in the air, and the other shells making the earth and dust fly all over the place. Our Artillery is fine, also the French. I was told by […]

Private W Webb Croxton D company 1st Beds

I am sending you this letter for the Advertiser, hoping you received my last war letter safe. Just a few more lines to let you know that we are still smiling and quite happy and are already proving victorious no matter where we go. Things have been very quiet lately, with the exception of a […]

Private M Byatt 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment

Just a few lines hoping St Neots is looking quite as well as it was before I left on August 8th 1914.  I am sorry to say we have had a lot of wet weather last month.  I am glad to say the troops have had quite a fine time in the trenches at Christmas […]