On Display

Museum Displays
The Museum occupies St. Neots Victorian Police Station and Magistrates Court building, in the town centre. Here you will fine a wealth of objects and information packed into a small space…

St. Neots Museum Cells
Visit the Cells, still much the same as they were when built in 1907.

Story of St. Neots
Above: The Story of St. Neots gallery.
Story of St. Neots Gallery
In the Story of St. Neots Gallery – find out about St. Neots himself, about the town’s vanished Priory, the battle of St. Neots in 1648, the age of coaching on the Great North Road (and its first petrol pump!), and the arrival of the Great Northern Railway in 1851.

Village Hall Gallery
Where did local people go to school?
What did they do in their spare time?
What about Sundays?
Find the answers in the Village Hall Gallery. Try sitting at the Victorian school bench and writing on a slate.

Home Life Gallery
What life was like
Above: A talk on the home life gallery.
What was life like in the days before television and electric washing machines?How did housewives do their washing and ironing?How did people light their homes when they didn’t have electricity?

Crafts and Trades
What did the people who lived in and around St. Neots do for a living? Find out in the Crafts and Trades Gallery.
Items from the Craft and Trades Gallery Items from the Craft and Trades Gallery