About us

St Neots Museum

St Neots Museum is established as a charitable company, St Neots Museum Ltd. no. 800074.

Mission Statement

The museum aims to encourage community pride through the presentation of the history of St Neots and the surrounding area, and to be accessible to all.


  • Collecting and preserving items made or used in the St. Neots area
  • Providing attractive and accessible permanent displays and a varied programme of temporary exhibitions
  • Encouraging educational use of the Museum, especially by local schools and by outreach to other community groups
  • Researching the collections and related topics
  • Publishing information on local history either on the internet or in inexpensive booklets
  • Promoting the museum to local people and visitors


The museum is managed by a board of Trustees who are responsible for policy and finance, and by a Management Committee which is concerned with the day-to-day management of the museum. The Curator reports to the Trustees and also attends all Management Committee meetings.


The museum receives an annual grant from St Neots Town Council which provides 60% of the funding, with additional funding being raised by the museum through admission charges, public donations, shop revenue and fund raising by the Friends of the Museum.
The museum is managed by the Trustees and a Management Committee.


There are three part time members of staff, the Curator who works 20 hours per week, Tuesday to Thursday (and other times as required),
the Learning and Access Officer who works 6 hours per week, usually on a Friday, and the cleaner who works 4 hours per week Tuesday to Friday.


Apart from the three part time positions the museum is managed and run entirely by volunteers who run the museum reception, welcome visitors, help with exhibitions, catalogue our collections, answer enquiries, provide regular

maintenance of the building, organise guided tours, and many other essential tasks.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please see the Get Involved page.

Friends of St Neots Museum

The Friends of St Neots Museum, many of whom are also regular volunteers, provide enormous support to the museum, in particular running the museum shop and organising a variety of fund raising events throughout the year. They also help to run family activities, provide catering at special events, put on a annual crafts at Christmas exhibition, provide day-to-day building maintenance, and much more.

If you would like to join the Friends and help support the museum please see our Get Involved page.